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Kandi Brings $13,000 EV To US Market

August 4, 2020

Kandi isn't a name you have heard of. The Chinese EV auto manufacturers are a big one overseas but in the US? Well, the company is looking to make its first stages in the US market. ...Read More

history of the fire truck

History of the Fire Truck: Discussing How We Beat the Heat

July 2, 2020

As summer heats up, we'd like to take the opportunity to dive into the history of the fire truck. Though it's hard to imagine a time without it, this modern wonder dates back just 300 years. Richard Newsham first filed for a ...Read More


Covid-19 Costs Allegheny ‘Priceless’ Cars

June 15, 2020

Due to Covid-19, Allegheny Technologies Inc, formerly Allegheny Ludlum, grieves the loss of four historic cars. The company produced the stainless steel vehicles in partnership with Ford. Employees insist the cars serve as a ...Read More


Tesla Advances In German Market

May 8, 2020

Tesla, the largest electric car company on the planet, has taken a good foothold in the German market. The electric car market in Deutschland is approximately 9% of new vehicles sold. A majority of the figure is Tesla. ...Read More

gas prices

Gas Prices Continue To Drop

April 20, 2020

Gas prices are always a terrible thing to think about. Who actually enjoys going to the pump to dish out large sums of money to simply get to where they need to go? The correct answer is Nobody! ...Read More

van life

Van Life During COVID-19

March 30, 2020

Back in the day, you would not guess that van life had its benefits. The old Chris Farley skit on SNL had us all on edge for “living in a van down by the river”. Every bad consequence we make can eventually lead us to l...Read More


Electric Vs Biofuel: Who Wins?

March 9, 2020

Electric cars are the hot topic of the automotive industry. With many of the big named car companies playing catchup to Tesla, the industry has seen a major influx in electric cars. But with all this "buzz", how does it stack...Read More


Electric Revolution: The Real Potential

February 17, 2020

The electric revolution is upon us. With almost every automaker now rolling out their first line of fully electronic vehicles, many are wondering when the potential for a cleaner future will arrive. Unfortunately, it might no...Read More


New Age Vagabond: The Tools You Need

January 27, 2020

The vagabond lifestyle has encapsulated many to take up their dream of building out a vehicle to live in and travel the country. For some, its a sense of freedom, for others it's a testament to their hard work and determinati...Read More


These Celebrities Started As Truckers

January 6, 2020

Celebrities are these elusive creatures. Everyone has their own stories of how they got to where they are, and the famous elites are no exception. After doing our research, we found some pretty high-profile celebs have made ...Read More

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July 30, 2020 View all news
Stripper Strike Upsets Philly Community

Philadelphia, PA - The community is vocalizing over a "stripper strike" that is being held in a Philadelphia park. COVID-19 is currently closing down many businesses across the US. One of the hardest-hit sectors is the exotic dancing industry. A crowd shown gathering at Malcolm X Park located at 51st and Pine streets in West Philadelphia on Saturday came to... Read More