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Is the Trucking Industry Putting People at Risk?

Have you ever gotten overwhelming anxiety as a semi-truck merges into your lane? You’re not alone. People of Philadelphia feel the same and are pushing for a device that could save hundreds of lives every year. Currently, underride guards are vital in trucking, but are not required by law.

Annually, about 200 people are killed in “side underride” accidents in the United States alone. These crashes occur when a small car becomes caught underneath a truck’s trailer. These smaller cars can become dragged by the tractor-trailer and become fatal. Not only are these catastrophes terrifying but they sometimes lead to a train-reaction of highway chaos.

Side guards will save lives, claims Steven Wigrizer. Wigrizer is a personal injury attorney at a Philadelphia law firm. Unfortunately, he sees far too many of these accidents. Therefore, Wigrizer is one of the many pushing for the government to mandate these underride guards.

Many in the trucking industry are against the mandate. Trucking companies and owner-operators will have to come up with the costs for underride guards out-of-pocket. Although, these costs are a lot like insurance. They will later save truckers a lot of money if they were involved in a side underride accident.

The trucking industry claims that adding guards means more weight. Therefore, more weight means less structural integrity. With this reasoning, guards would make the roads less safe. Interestingly, Read More

Sex Education and… Pizza?

Well, it’s not every day that you get offered free pizza to take an HIV screening test. But apparently that is what happened to some high school students in Northeast Philadelphia. And some parents are fuming. Why? A few middle-school-aged children somehow got into the event and were tested as well. So... was this Philadelphia sex education at its finest?

This raises questions, for sure. But, the event was not as bribe-like as it may seem at first glance. Councilman Bobby Henon’s office organized the event to provide free HIV testing for students of Lincoln High School.

The Philadelphia Health Department has confirmed that they were working alongside a group called SPEAK OUT. They set up a “Pop-Up Teen Wellness Station” to provide some general health information, as well as free HIV screening and pizza coupons.

The HIV Problem in Philadelphia

So, in reality, this was an attempt to bring some sexual education and free HIV screening to the Lincoln High School student population. Read More

Philly Company Larkshead Using Less Clothing for Promotional Purposes

Producing clothing takes enormous resources. Just to make a single tee shirt requires approximately 2,700 liters of water – enough drinking water for one person for three years! Yet, when we get promotional shirts and hats with an organization’s or charity’s logo, how often do we really wear them?  It seems like promotional clothing can be an enormous waste. Apparel company Larkshead wants to change all that. The key to that change?  Velcro.   Velcro lets companies display their brand utilizing a patch that is removable. The patch allows the clothing itself to be reused, saving those precious natural resources. So, wearers can swap out the patch on their hoodie or baseball cap and promote different charities or businesses. A user could even promote several organizations at once. Alternatively, if the wearer doesn’t want to promote anything one day, the clothing looks great by itself.   Larkshead CEO and founder Tyler Magura says he does his best to maintain all aspects of design in Philly. A nearby company, Northeast Philly, makes all the patches. Larkshead also offers graphic design free of charge. Customers provide a loose idea of what the patch might look like, and Larkshead comes up with the logo.   Mural Arts Philadelphia is the first organization with which Larkshead is collaborating. Mural Arts Philadelphia’s Deana Frank says she’s excited about the idea of sustainable clothing that promotes an important cause. The profits from the baseball hat with the removable Mural Arts logo go back to Mural Arts.   That’s Larkshead’s mission: to help organizations provide great looking clothing while giving back, and at the same time, being friendly to the environment. Is it possible that hats and tee shirts can save the world? Larkshead believes that they are on a mission to do just that, starting with the Philadelphia community.  ...Read More

1 Out of 3 Pennsylvania Residents Can’t Afford Paying Medical Bills

One out of three Pennsylvania adult residents has difficulty paying medical bills. This number was resealed by Pennsylvania Health Access Network and Altarum. This report, released on Thursday strengthen national findings that health care is a top financial concern among Americans. It’s obvious that consumers spend more on insurance, despite the fact that the cost of care continues to go up.  Even though more people have access to insurance than ever before, the rate of uninsured has dropped to a historic low of 5.5 percent in Pennsylvania. For lots of people, the cost of health care is still not affordable. The new report highlights the specific ways the prices affected local families. Philadelphia health careThe Philadelphia –based consumer group provides educational resources in regard to accessing health care and providing help to enroll in insurance coverage. A survey was conducted among  1.000 adults by a health-care consulting firm. The study shows that 74 survey uninsured respondents didn’t get health insurance, because it is too expensive. About 25 percent of respondents said they just skipped the appointment or the whole procedure. 32 percent said they are struggling with medical bills. 10 percent of adults are unable to pay for the basic necessities, like food, housing and heat due to medical debts. Only people with private Medicare were not concerned about not being able to afford health insurance in the future. The study conducted on health care shows how health insurance burdens the families.  The director of Altarum’s Healthcare Value Hub said nine out of 10 respondents said they want to see the change, regardless of political affiliation. Policy charges respondents said they would most like to see the switches in health plans, grea...Read More

Is it Real to Experience Two Countries’ Cuisine in One Place? Philadelphia Has The Answer

It’s very interesting how Philadelphia remains as one of the hottest restaurant cities in America according to the media, while for decades it has been a terrific place to eat out. Philadelphia is known for its cheese steaks, hoagies, soft pretzels, pepper pot soup, and other dishes. Sadly enough, some of the fine restaurants got closed, such as Le Bec Fin and Deja-vu. But visiting Philadelphia once will be enough to find out that it still has very good modern and traditional restaurants any other U.S. city would be proud to have.   Let’s look at some of them. Besides the delicious food they serve, these restaurants carry history and cultural features.   Philadelphia cuisineLe Virtu is America’s only true Abruzzese restaurant with seafood from the Adriatic region. The restaurant is located at East Passyunk’s maze of narrow streets. The owner Francis Cratil-Cretarola and his wife Cathy Lee together with the chef took their inspiration from a place looking like an Italian province with its mural of Abruzzo.   The name of the restaurant not only refers to the goddess of food but also a traditional soup. The legend says seven maidens contributed the ingredients to the dish, such as pork, peas, pasta, carrots, and herbs.   Artisanal honey, cheeses, saffron, extra virgin olive oil, and famous Italian dried pastas are brought from Abruzzo by the owners. When it comes to meat, the owners prefer to butcher their own meats. The rustic looking restaurant every client is taken care of. No Italian restaurant will survive without pasta. A variation of pasta will amaze you. Come to taste amazing ravioli with Abruzzese ricotta and or pasta with Chile pepper, garlic, and olive oil.   The restaurant has pretty simple, yet good d...Read More