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Kandi Brings $13,000 EV To US Market

August 4, 2020

Kandi isn’t a name you have heard of. The Chinese EV auto manufacturers are a big one overseas but in the US? Well, the company is looking to make its first stages in the US market.

When you think of electric cars, a few names come to mind. The first (and most obvious one) is Tesla. They have gone above and beyond to make their cars more effective and more reliable. One of the largest benefits of owning an electric car is the price of fuel. Cost-effective vehicle strategies are a major factor when someone buys a new car. For Tesla, that isn’t their problem. The largest deterrent for new car owners is the cost of the basic Tesla.

Well, Kandi is doing something differently. When Ford made the first mass-produced vehicle, they created something that anyone could buy. The low cost of owning one helped skyrocket Ford as one of the greatest automotive manufacturers of all-time.

Kandi Makes Affordable Vehicles For Everyone

Kandi is taking a page right out of the book. By making an electric vehicle that is affordable and effective, they look to create mass-appeal for new car buyers.

The new car doesn’t have anything fancy. No smart-driving systems. It doesn’t have the best handling, but if affordability is the main reason for you to avoid EV’s then this car might be the best entry-level vehicle for you!

The company plans to launch the K27. It comes with a 17.69 kWh battery and a range of up to 100 miles. Not anywhere close to their competitors, but if you drive less than 20-miles-per-day this is an easy
effective car.

“Electric vehicles have been valued for years for their efficiency, sustainability, and innovation. However, owning the ‘it’ car often eluded consumers who desired a great EV alongside all the other comforts of modern living. Kandi is changing that by revolutionizing the EV-buying experience for many,” Tai said. “Kandi’s mission is to make electric cars accessible to all.”

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